Off Script with Rebecca: Tea Time and more!

Today I am joined by author, entrepreneur, and dear friend Rose Bakewell. Rose is a repeat guest on the show and has vast knowledge on the subject of tea time, food, and more. We begin the episode with a discussion on the Tudors and their eating habits, and then we travel through time to the Victorians.

Mrs. Bakewell’s – The Cream Tea Company

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Love the Tudors? Read the stories of the Tudors on Tudors Dynasty!


Host: Rebecca Larson 

Guest: Rose Bakewell

Edited by: Rebecca Larson 

Voice Over: David Black

Music: Ketsa, Alexander Nakarada, and Winnie the Moog

Feature Image Credit: 5 O’Clock Tea by David Comba Adamson (1859-1926), n.d. © Dundee Art Gallery and Museum

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