Nyelr, 10/13/2019
Love it
Very interesting to listen to!
CaptainDanie201, 10/12/2019
Love it
I love listening to these at night before bed. Good information and gives your another look into their lives rather than movies and shows.
gbenezra, 10/12/2019
One of my must hear podcasts.
I love this podcast. Informative and interesting. I look forward to each new episode! Never boring. Keep it coming please 🙄
Auntsalebob, 10/12/2019
Love it!!
This podcast is so informative and easy to listen to. Rebecca does a great job at making me feel like I’m discussing my favorite subject with a friend!!
dkm1221, 10/12/2019
Wonderful listening
Love the podcast , listening to the one about food in Tudor times and wanted to let you know at Hampton court they actually have a huge tapestry telling people how to behave themselves at court ! 🙂 going back to London and Hampton court for the second time this year soon , UNBELIEVABLE PALACE
Sharlee Weik, 10/12/2019
Great Learning Tool!
I absolutely love these podcasts! What a great learning tool for beginner Tudor enthusiasts or for Tudorholics, like me. The time and energy you put into the making of these podcasts are greatly appreciated. Thanks and always looking forward to the next one!
SamMahony, 09/19/2019
I will say the guests are pretty good but overall the chick hosting the show is just dumb. I think I heard her say she became interested from the show The Tudor’s, which is such fake history. The real stories are better than that soap opera. And having your favorite as Thomas Seymour is just pedestrian. I hope no one listens to this and thinks they are getting a real history lesson
Riana1!, 04/10/2019
Great Podcast
Love the podcast!
Crazy crossword lady, 10/04/2018
Love this podcast!
I just happened to stumble upon this podcast and what luck! I love this podcast so much. I, too, am obsessed with the Tudors: Henry, wives, kids, the whole nine yards. So much fun.
Lgraz68, 06/27/2018
Great Tudor podcast
Constantly looking for new Tudor era podcasts and was delighted to find this. Well researched and interesting and the host does a great job.
Robo19, 05/30/2018
Wonderful podcast
Rebecca produces a well researched Tudor podcast. Can’t wait for more episodes.
Nurse1680, 05/21/2018
My go to for anything Tudor!
Recently discovered this wonderful done podcast. Host Rebecca is completely devoted to giving the listener well researched historical content of the Tudor era. Rebecca is informative, articulate and entertaining. I hope listeners of historical podcast find the best podcast on anything Tudor! I easily give this podcast a five star review!
krrb1135, 05/07/2018
Tudor Dynasty with Rebecca Larson
I really do love this podcast. One of the attributes that makes or breaks a podcast for me is the narration. Ms. Larson delivers a well narrated podcast with an easy listening tone and keeps the contents compelling. She obviously does an intense amount of research, is able to deliver her findings in a succinct and direct manner. It is also important to her to acknowledge contributors, which I feel is extremely considerate as this takes time and effort yet it is done at the opening of each program.

Keep it up! You’re doing a wonderful job.

Brum1025, 12/14/2017
Love this!
I’m so happy to have found this podcast! I love it! I have recently become a Tudor History enthusiast and cannot read or listen to enough of it! Thanks for doing such a great job! Looking forward to more and also becoming a patron.

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