Episode 119: Bess of Hardwick with Mary S. Lovell

Welcome to Episode 119! On this off-season episode, Steph asks author and historian Mary S. Lovell YOUR questions on Bess of Hardwick. This is a great follow-up episode to our last one, Arbella Stuart. Get ready to learn all about Bess of Hardwick.

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Episode 118: Arbella Stuart with Leanda de Lisle

Welcome to Episode 118! On this episode, Steph is joined by Leanda de Lisle who answers your questions on Arbella Stuart. We learn all about the secret marriage with William Seymour and Leanda wished for me to let you know that she misspoke when she said William was the son of Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford and Catherine Grey. William was their grandson.

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Episode 117: Margaret Tudor with Dr. Linda Porter

Welcome back! On this episode of Ask the Expert we chat with historian and author Dr. Linda Porter and ask her YOUR questions about Margaret Tudor. It’s a great episode and you are guaranteed to learn something about Margaret that you did not already know.

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Episode 116: Stephen and Matilda with Matt Lewis

This is the first episode in my off-season, but Steph has been kind enough to carry the torch over the next seven episodes. She has a great line-up of guests planned for her Ask the Expert, so keep an eye on social media to leave your queries. 

On this episode, historian/author Matthew Lewis answers your questions on Stephen and Matilda. If you love the drama of Tudor history you will love this story as well. 

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Episode 115: Henry VIII, Margaret of Anjou, and Wicked Women

This episode historian Heather R. Darsie returns to discuss two important topics from the time of Henry VIII – money and the plague. These subjects are important that all Tudor fanatics must learn about.

Then on Ask the Expert, Joanna Armann joins us to answer YOUR questions on Margaret of Anjou.

Lastly, on A Brief History I tell you about a few Wicked Tudor women.

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Episode 114: The Pretenders, Cecily Neville, and the Other Anne Boleyn

Welcome back! On this episode I welcome back historian and author Nathen Amin to chat about the topic of his new book, Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders. Then, on Ask the Expert, Annie  Garthwaite joins us to answer your questions on Cecily Neville, and lastly, I tell you all about THE OTHER Anne Boleyn.

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Episode 113: Shakespeare, Amy Robsart, and Anne Boleyn

On this episode I speak with investigative journalist and author, Michael Blanding. Michael and I chat about his new book North by Shakespeare, and the journey he took with Shakespeare sleuth, Dennis McCarthy, to tell the story of Sir Thomas North (1535 – c. 1604). Then, on Ask the Expert (ATE), International best-selling author Nicola Cornick returns to answer YOUR questions on Amy Robsart. Lastly, on A Brief History (ABH), I talk about Anne Boleyn

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Episode 112: Last Daughter of York, Boleyn Men, and Margaret Douglas

Welcome to episode 112! On today’s show I chat with best-selling author and historian Nicola Cornick on the subject of her upcoming book, The Last Daughter of York. Nicola and I chat about the princes in the Tower, Francis Lovell and his wife Anne and so much more.

Then, on Ask the Expert, Steph asks Dr. Lauren Mackay your questions on the Boleyn men – George and Thomas.

Lastly on A Brief History I tell you all about Lady Margaret Douglas, the daughter of Henry VIII’s sister Margaret.

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Episode 111: Thomas Cromwell, Boleyn Women, and Elizabeth I

Welcome to episode 111! We have another barn burner for you today: Tracy Borman returns to the show for a fourth visit, and this time we focus our chat on the man, the myth, the legend, Thomas Cromwell. Then on Ask the Expert, Elizabeth Norton returns to answer your questions about the Boleyn Women, and lastly I’ll tell you a story about the final 1000 days of Elizabeth I’s reign.

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Episode 110: The Black Prince, Royal Witches, and Anne Parr

Hello and welcome back to the show, I’m your host, Rebecca Larson, and this is episode #110!I’m so excited to share this episode with you because we cover some really fun subjects, and chat with some new friends, too.

First, Dr. Michael Jones and I discuss the Black Prince (Edward of Woodstock) and his connection to Henry VIII…then Steph asks author Gemma Hollman your listener submitted questions on royal witches and witchcraft. Lastly, I give you A Brief History on Anne Parr, to wrap up the Parr siblings after the last two episodes.

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