Episode 148: Historical Fiction & Tudor Trivia

This episode includes a very special guest. A person who has never been a guest on this show before, but is also no stranger to the podcast. 

On this episode we chat a lot about historical fiction and historical inaccuracies in film and television. We also play more trivia – 5 Tudor trivia questions each! Test your knowledge and learn the history behind the answers. 

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A Medieval Duel to the Death

Trigger Warning: This episode includes discussion of sexual assault

A very warm welcome to Christine Morgan sitting in the host chair this week. Today, thanks to the wonderful Heidi Malagisi of Adventures of a Tudor Nerd, Christine tells us the story of a medieval duel to the death. The history behind this fascinating stories nearly compares to the scandal of the Tudor court. 

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Prince Arthur: The Tudor King Who Never Was

On this Ask the Expert, Steph invited Dr. Sean Cunningham to answer listener questions about the first born child of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York – Arthur Tudor. Trained to be king from an early age, Arthur’s childhood was quite different than his brother Henry. Dr. Cunningham will tell us about many aspects of Arthur’s life – you won’t want to miss this episode.

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Tudor Chat and Trivia with Heather & Rebecca

Today we officially welcome Heather R. Darise to the show! Heather and I chat about upcoming plans for the show in 2022, Heather’s contribution, the Tudors, Anne of Cleves, and we play a fun trivia game where we quiz one another. 

There is another surprise announcement as well – you’ll have to listen to find out who else will be joining the show!

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Episode 143: Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

On this episode of A Brief History we look at the life of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey. 

Surrey was a 16th century version of a rock star, with parties, woman, poetry, fights and jail time. 

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2021 Podcast Books of the Year

The end of the year is quickly approaching, and many of us are thinking about the holidays or our TBR pile for 2022. Here is a list (with links) of books written by our podcast guests in 2021!

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Episode 141: William Caxton, the Printing Press, and Edward IV

We know that Edward IV had a rather large library of books. On this episode the wonderful Danie Burton joins us to discuss Edward IV’s introduction to printed books, when the printing press was brought to England, and the man who brought it.

Imagine a world where books had to be written by hand. While it guaranteed beautiful craftmanship it was not accessible to all. The printing press introduced a world to medieval England that many could not have imagined.

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