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We are always looking to connect with new historians and authors to be guests on the show. Think that should be you? Reach out!

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Testimonials from past guests:

Tracy Borman: ‘I hugely enjoyed being a guest on Tudors Dynasty (Podcast). Rebecca clearly knows these famous monarchs inside out so it was great fun chatting to her and swapping notes!’

Leanda de Lisle: ‘It was fantastic talking to Rebecca for the Tudors Dynasty podcast. She is very professional, asks lots of interesting questions and above all I had fun!’

Margaret George: “I was delighted to be a guest on Rebecca Larson’s podcast.  She is a skilled interviewer with a knack for asking just the questions an author really wants to answer, and giving me time to develop the thought.  She is very knowledgeable about the Tudors and has an inexhaustible enthusiasm for the subject; it is easy to talk to her as a friend and fellow devotee of the Tudors.  I have a feeling she actually knows them personally!  We discussed all three of the monarchs I have written about—Henry VIII, Mary Queen of Scots, and of course, The Faerie Queen herself, Elizabeth.”

Matthew Lewis: “Chatting to Rebecca is like sitting down in front of a warm fire on a cold evening with an old friend to chat about your favourite subject. It was immediately comfortable, warm and welcoming and the conversation flowed. Thank you Rebecca!”

Nathen Amin: “Rebecca mentions that she views the podcast (interview) as a relaxed chat between two friends about the Tudors, and this was precisely my experience with her. A wonderfully engaging and fun one hour that could have gone on much longer.”

Christine Morgan: ‘Talking with Rebecca and Tudors Dynasty was one of my favorite podcast experiences! The host was completely prepared and asked really fun, thoughtful questions- it was like having a conversation with a good friend. My social media interaction with listeners following the episode was so positive and I could tell the audience was completely engaged. This program features truly high caliber historians and I would encourage all professional and amateur historians to make the time to listen and even share their own research on the program!’

Deb Hunter “Hunter S. Jones”: ‘Tudors Dynasty is a go-to podcast for those who love all things Tudor history. Ms Larson is professional and knowledgeable, and each post has its own unique flair. I highly recommend & give it five stars!’

Rose Rylotte: ‘What an honor it was to be interviewed by such a knowledgeable and passionate historian. Thank you for the interesting questions and for making it such a comfortable experience for my very first podcast. I look forward to speaking to you more about the history of Tudor foods and what/how they ate and how they prepped certain foods. You’re an absolute gem! You’ve given me more exposure with the vast amount of followers you have and I appreciate you taking the time to interview me! I look forward to reading your book!’

Sarah Bryson: ‘ had the great pleasure of being on Rebecca Larson’s podcast ‘Tudors Dynasty’. It was fantastic to chat with Rebecca about the subject of my first book, Mary Tudor and one of the subjects of my upcoming book, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. Rebecca has a strong passion for Tudor history, as well as a sound understanding of the events and people of the age and it was wonderful to share my passion with her.’

Janet Wertman: ‘Being on a podcast can be a little nervewracking, but Rebecca’s easy professionalism and insightful questions made it a fun conversation. Plus I loved the chance to connect with her 35,000-person audience!’

Heather R. Darsie: ‘ I had a wonderful experience working with Rebecca Larson on her Tudors Dynasty podcast. It was one of the first podcasts for which I was a guest, and she made the process for me simple and anxiety-free. It was fun! I think being a guest on the podcast likely helped book sales, but I don’t have a true way of confirming that. It definitely increased traffic on my website. Rebecca’s overall support of historical authors and historians is invaluable. She is the perfect go-to person for making a successful book launch happen or sharing new information. I am most grateful for Rebecca’s questions concerning my new book about Anna of Cleves, which allowed me to explain common misconceptions about Anna. Overall, it was a very positive experience! I look forward to working with Rebecca again.’

Wendy J. Dunn: ‘I was delighted and honoured to be a guest on Rebecca Larson’s Tudors Dynasty Podcast. It was a true joy to finally chat in ‘live time’ with Rebecca, after years of exchanging messages on Facebook Messenger. I adore opportunities to ‘Tudor talk’ with Tudor devotees who are also passionate and knowledgeable about the Tudors. Rebecca possesses both immense passion for and knowledge about this fascinating time in history. And to have an opportunity to talk about my Tudor novels and my favourite Tudor queens – wow, I am so grateful to Rebecca for giving me such an enjoyable hour to Tudor talk with her.’