Episode 104: Scandals – Elizabeth’s Ladies, Katheryn Howard and Robert Dudley

Welcome to episode 104!

We have another fantastic episode for you today…the unintended theme for this episode is SCANDALS!

First I chat with speaker, writer and podcast host Carol Ann Lloyd about Elizabeth’s women and how many of them married in secret.

Then historian Gareth Russell returns for Ask the Expert with Stephanie where she asks him (the questions you submitted) about Queen Katheryn Howard- fifth wife of Henry VIII.

Lastly, one of the most scandalous members of Elizabethan court….can you guess? Yep, Robert Dudley!

Carol Ann Lloyd & Elizabeth’s Women  0:00 – 41:30

Gareth Russell & Katheryn Howard  41:31 – 1:05:54

Rebecca & Robert Dudley   1:05:55- 1:18:06


Written by: Rebecca Larson & Stephanie Stohrer

Voiced by: Rebecca Larson, Stephanie Stohrer, Carol Ann Lloyd & Gareth Russell

Produced by: Rebecca Larson

Imaging by: Troy Larson

Music Credits:

Pavana alla veneziana by Paul O’Dette, Composed by Joan Ambrosio Dalza






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Interview with Carol Ann Lloyd on Elizabeth’s ladies and their scandals.

Website for Carol Ann Lloyd: https://carolannlloyd.com/

British History: Royals, Rebels & Romantics podcast

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Ask the Expert with Gareth Russell on Katheryn Howard

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