Henry VII: A New Understanding

In today’s conversation, Heather Darsie speaks with Nathen Amin about the first Tudor king, Henry VII, whose legacy has been tarnished by unfair depictions in popular culture and history books. Amin, a renowned historian and author specializing in the Tudor period, sheds light on the real story behind Henry VII’s reign, discussing his accomplishments, challenges, and the political landscape of the time. Through their engaging dialogue, Darsie and Amin aim to provide a more nuanced and accurate understanding of this pivotal figure in English history.

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Host: Heather R. Darsie – TwitterBooks

Guest: Nathen Amin – Twitter

Edited by: Rebecca Larson – Twitter

Voice Over: David Black

Music: Ketsa, Alexander Nakarada, and Winnie the Moog via FilmMusic.io, used by EXTENDED license.

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