Courting Scandal: The Royal Household & Jane Boleyn

Jane Boleyn, sister-in-law of Queen Anne Boleyn and wife of George Boleyn, found herself embroiled in the dangerous politics of the Tudor court. Following the execution of George and Anne for treason in 1536, Jane managed to navigate the treacherous world of Tudor politics and maintain a position in each successive queen’s household. However, her association with Katheryn Howard ultimately led to her downfall, and she was executed alongside the queen in 1542. Jane’s story is a cautionary tale about the perils of power and ambition in the Tudor court.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. James Taffe about his new book, Courting Scandal: The Rise and Fall of Jane Boleyn, Lady Rochford. During our conversation, we delved into the intricacies of the Tudor royal household and the role that Jane played in it. I learned so much from our discussion, and it gave me a greater appreciation for the fascinating and complex world of Tudor history.

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Host: Rebecca Larson

Guest: Dr. James Taffe

Edited by: Rebecca Larson 

Voice Over: David Black

Music: Ketsa, Alexander Nakarada, and Winnie the Moog

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