Katherine of Aragon: A Different Perspective (Queens Series)

Katherine of Aragon, the first wife of King Henry VIII, left a profound and lasting legacy that goes far beyond her role as the mother of England’s first queen regnant. Though often portrayed as a prim and pious figure, the real Katherine was a complex and fascinating woman who defied the conventions of her time and stood up for what she believed in. Today, I am joined by Dr. Emma Cahill Marron. Emma has studied Katherine and Aragon and her family extensively and her knowledge of art history gives her a unique insight into Katherine’s world.

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Host: Rebecca Larson 

Guest: Dr. Emma Cahill Marron

Edited by: Rebecca Larson 

Voice Over: David Black

Music: Ketsa, Alexander Nakarada, and Winnie the Moog

Feature Image Credit: 5 O’Clock Tea by David Comba Adamson (1859-1926), n.d. © Dundee Art Gallery and Museum

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