Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth – Part Nine (Queens Series)

This season I’ll tell you the story written by Lucy Aikin (1781-1864) called Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth. If you are a fan of Elizabeth I then you’ll appreciate this early 19th century (1818) sentiment.

This is the final installment of this series, and focuses on the final days of Queen Elizabeth, and what those around her said happened.

Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth (Public Domain)

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Narrated by: Rebecca Larson

Written by: Lucy Aikin (1818)

Opening Music: Ketsa, Alexander Nakarada, and Winnie the Moog via, used by EXTENDED license.

Episode Music: Tavern Loop One by Alexander Nakarada, Free download:, License (CC BY 4.0):, Artist website:


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