Miniseries on Queen Mary I: Mary in Portraiture – Part One (Queens Series)

Welcome to the second segment in a miniseries on the very much-maligned Queen Mary I of England. Thanks to PhD candidate Johanna Strong for orchestrating this entire series by teaming up with some of the leading researchers in the field. In this episode, our guest is PhD candidate, Peter Stiffel. Peter is researching contemporary Marian portraiture imagery at the University of Kent, and is the perfect guest for our current topic. Today, Peter and Johanna give us some brilliant insight into the image of Mary that was presented to the world.

Follow along as they discuss these amazing images!

Mary Image #1

Mary Image #2

Mary Image #2a (Mary’s Copy)

Mary Image #2b (Marquess of Northampton’s Copy)

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Host: Johanna Strong

Guest: Peter Stiffel

Editing: Rebecca Larson

Episode Music: Tavern Loop One by Alexander Nakarada, Free download:, License (CC BY 4.0):, Artist website:

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