NEW SEASON – Episode 97: Alison Weir, Matthew Lewis and a Madwoman

Welcome to the new season!!   I wanted to start of the new season with a bang, and so I was able to line up best-selling author and historian Alison Weir. Alison stops by to chat about Katheryn Howard, the Tudors….and of course we talk about Thomas Seymour.   The second segment of the show is called ‘Ask the Expert’. This segment is for my listeners to be able to submit their questions to a historian on a specific subject. This episode my expert is historian/author Matthew Lewis and he answers your Richard III (and princes in the Tower) questions.   Lastly, we wrap up the episode with a ‘Brief History’ – just like the old days, I tell you a story about a specific person who lived between 1485 and 1603…this time it’s a fascinating story about a madwoman who claimed to be the daughter of…..(you’ll have to listen).   *Patron exclusive content:  

See Show Notes for all the Details


Written by: Rebecca Larson & Steph Stohrer

Voiced by: Rebecca Larson, Alison Weir and Matthew Lewis

Produced by: Rebecca Larson

Imaging by: Troy Larson 

Music Credits:

Music: Pavana alla veneziana by Paul O’Dette, Composed by Joan Ambrosio Dalza


Show Notes for Alison Weir, Matthew Lewis and a Madwoman (Launched Sept 7)

Find Alison’s new book here:

Matthew Lewis discusses who could play Richard III…which do you think (of the ones he mentioned?)

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