The Queen’s Sisters: The Lives of the Sisters of Elizabeth Woodville with Sarah J Hodder

 Excerpt from

Whether Queen or commoner, the lives of women throughout history is a fascinating study. Elizabeth Woodville, ‘The White Queen’, managed to make the transition from commoner to Queen and became the epitome of medieval heroines – the commoner who married a King. When she became the wife of Edward IV her actions changed the life of her entire family. Vilified both by their contemporaries and by many historians since, the Woodville family were center stage during the reigns of Edward IV and Richard III. Elizabeth Woodville became the ancestress of future Kings and Queens. This book takes a fresh look at the lives of Elizabeth’s sisters. Although information on them is scarce, by looking at the men they married, their families, the places they lived and the events that they lived through we can catch a glimpse of their lives. Each sister has their own story to tell and they may not have achieved the dizzying heights that their sister did, but they are all fascinating women.

My guest today is the author of The Queen’s Sisters – The Lives of the Sisters of Elizabeth Woodville, Sarah J Hodder.

I’m Rebecca Larson, host of the Tudors Dynasty Podcast and owner of Telling the stories of those who lived centuries before us is what I enjoy doing most.  Whether it be a show on one subject or an interview with an author/historian, I’ll bring you the tales of 16th century England.

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Written by: Rebecca Larson

Voiced by: Rebecca Larson & Sarah J Hodder

Produced by: Rebecca Larson

Imaging by: Troy Larson

Music Credits:Music from“Folk Round” by Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY (

Show Notes for The Queen’s Sisters: The Lives of the Sisters of Elizabeth Woodville with Sarah J Hodder

This episode included a lot of names of people and families that may have been confusing to you – to help, I’m including images/links to family trees.

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