Nicola Cornick on Henry VIII, Mary Seymour and Amy Robsart

I’m Rebecca Larson, host of the Tudors Dynasty Podcast and owner of Telling the stories of those who lived centuries before us is what I enjoy doing most.  Whether it be a show on one subject or an interview with an author/historian, I’ll bring you the tales of 16th century England.

Nicola Cornick is an international bestselling and award-winning historical novelist who has written more than 30 books. 

In this episode Nicola and I chat about Henry VIII and his wives, as well as the subjects of her two Tudor era books, little Mary Seymour and the Amy Robsart. 

It was quite fun to get to know Nicola better and I realized how much we have in common.

Before I get started today, I need to take a minute to thank the folks who became new patrons since the last episode: Monica and Nanci P- thank you so much for your support – your support and the support of all my patrons who have meant the world to me. A full list of patrons can be found at

Nicola’s website:

Twitter: @NicolaCornick 


Nicola referenced, Kenilworth by Walter Scott. Read for free:


The Phantom Tree 

Book Depository:

Both books available 

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